To the maximum extent permissible by law, You as a Health Service Provider shall be bound by the provisions contained within this Subscriber Policy, in addition to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of the Application ‘KUSHALA’. You agree that in visiting the App and utilising its Services (as outlined in the Terms of Use), you are automatically subject to this Subscriber Policy with no express signature or steps required to acquiesce to the same.

    To fully avail the Services of the App and use of it, a one-time registration is required to create a profile, and a fee is to be paid, for subscription for a certain time period. The following information is required, which shall include but not be limited to Name, Address, Phone Number, Aadhar/PAN, CIN, GSTIN, professional certificate/credentials as required by the App.This information is used to provide you with important services via e-mail, and information that may be customised to Your demographic, interests, professional lives, business requirements and desired experience. Bank account details must be linked to subscription to the App. You can register as a doctor, hospital/clinic, therapist, pharmacy or yoga centre and the categories of registration shall be subject to change, from time to time by the App, depending upon the types of Health Service Providers.


    The Health Service Providers shall be eligible, upon initial registration, to avail of the Services for a trial period pending confirmation of subscription to one of the yearly subscription packages available on the App. The availing of Services shall be subject to provision of relevant certificates/qualifications/licenses by the Health Service Providers, and the Company/App retains its right to verify the said credentials through relevant government portals. The Company/App further retains its right to cancel the subscription of any Health Service Provider upon discovery of invalid or misleading credentials. All subscription fees shall be returned to the Health Service Provider by the App after making necessary deductions, as may be applicable. Health Service Providers’ subscriptions are also liable to be cancelled unilaterally by the App under adverse circumstances relating to the conduct of the Health Service Provider, negative feedback from Users or any breach of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or these Subscriber Terms.


    Health Service Providers shall provide services upon successful receipt of payment from Users through a third-party payment gateway as provided on the App, subject to deduction of applicable commissions on the same in favour of the App. The Health Service Providers shall not be eligible to receive amounts for services paid by Users if the services are not rendered subsequent to successful payment through the App.


    The Health Service Providers agree to be subject to all policies of the Company, and shall ensure that they avail of appropriate courier services to facilitate delivery of medicines, as applicable, to Users, as well as ensuring the constant accuracy of information available on their profiles, in terms of keeping Users and the Company updated about any changes to products, services or other data. Further, receipt of defective products shall render the Health Service Provider liable to reissue the same products to the User and have them re-delivered to the User, or initiate a refund to the User, as per the User’s discretion and justifiable reason for refund rather than replacement.


    Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the Company shall have the right to discontinue your subscription if you are found to be in breach of any of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Subscriber Policy or any laws, rules, regulations or guidelines in force that are applicable to your products and/or services.